RO 202 SPD antiscale agent for osmosis plants

Κατηγορία: Product ID: 1089


General Description

This product is specifically formulated to reduce fouling phenomena of inverse osmosis membranes.

This formulation is based on special antinucleant and dispersant agents, it is specifically used to prevent and reduce calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium and iron salts precipitation (such as carbonates, phosphates, sulphates).

The product is specific for superficial water, well water, sea water or waste water.


Appearance liquid

Colour light yellow

Density ( 20°C) 1,07 ÷ 1,17 g/cc

pH (20 °C) 1-2,5 

Solubility (in water) complete

Modalities for use

The product can be fed as it is or after water dilution without any problem of biological proliferation.

For a better effectiveness of the product, the dosage has to be continuous, using a metering pump, with a dosage rate equal to 3-10 ppm depending on the characteristics of the water used.

DREWO will provide instructions as to right dosages and specific procedures for each application. 



Declor consist of a mixture of reducing agents in aqueous solution.


Appearance: liquid

Odour: none

pH: 4 – 5,5

Melting point/freezing point: -5

Initial boiling point and boiling range: 100 °C

Flash point: non infiammabile

Relative density: 1,20 – 1,25 g/cc

Water solubility: complete


The product is normally used for free chlorine and formaldehyde removal. The performance of the product is

extremely fast even at low temperatures.


Declor should be supplied as is. If, for reasons of dosage, dilution was necessary to operate, limit the ratio of dilution with water. The product is damaged by frost. The dosage of the product must be proportional to the level of pollutants to be removed. Drewo engineers provide all the directions for proper use of the product.

The product stored in a sheltered and dry place, has a shelf life of 12 months


Avoid contact and inhalation of vapors and obtain the personal protective equipment. At work do not eat nor drink.

Keep container upright and secure to avoid the possibility of falls or collisions. Store in a cool place, away from any

heat source and from direct exposure to sunlight. Wear protective gloves and face mask and splash guard